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    英語閱讀課Nothing ventured, nothing gained

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    請根據人教版出版社普通高中標準試驗教科書選修10 Workbook Unit 1 Nothing ventured, nothing gained--Reading Task 55頁的教學內容,設計一篇完整教案。

    Teaching aims:

    Knowledge aims:

    (1) Students can learn some new words through the reading material, such as “symphony”, “orchestra”.

    (2) Students can get more familiar with the topic of Beethoven.

    Ability aim:

    Students can use different reading strategies like getting the main idea and finding details of the passage.

    Emotional aim:

    Students will have more interest in learning English.

    Key points and difficult points:

    Key points:

    (1) To learn more new words, such as “symphony”, “orchestra”.

    (2) To be more familiar with Beethoven.

    Difficult points:

    (1) How to improve students’ reading ability.

    (2) How to arouse students’ interest in learning English.

    Teaching procedures:

    Step 1 Warming-up

    1. Daily greeting.

    2. Play a piece of music of Beethoven, and ask students “Do you know about this music?

    Who composed it?” Several students will be invited to show their answers.

    3. Introduce some background information of Beethoven.


    Step 2 Pre-reading

    1. Show some pictures of different instruments and new words on the blackboard such as symphony, orchestra.

    2. See the title of the passage and let students guess what the passage will talk about.


    Step 3 While-reading

    1. Read the passage for the first time and give a brief summary of the passage. Then check the guessing. Several students will be invited to present their results.

    2. Read the passage again for the detailed information, and finish the questions 1-3 below. 3 students will present their answers among the whole class. After that, the teacher will give the right answer.

    3. Students will follow the tape to read the passage for the third time and, paying attention to the pronunciation and intonation of the passage.


    Step 4 Post-reading

    Divide students into groups of 4 and ask them to discuss the question “What will you do if you were go to deaf like Beethoven?” in 8 minutes. 2 groups will be invited to show their answers. Positive feedback will be given.


    Step 5 Summary and Homework


    Invite one student to summarize what they have learned today. The teacher will give a supplement: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Just be brave to face the difficulties in life.


    Find more stories about the great man through the Internet. Show the story with the classmates next class.


    Blackboard design:


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