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    寫作課Is this your pencil?

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    人教7上 Unit 3 Is this your pencil?-Section B 3a-3b


    請根據人民教育出版社義務教育教科書初中英語七年級上冊Unit 3 Is this your pencil? Section B 3a-3b的教學內容,設計一篇完整教案。


    Teaching aims:

    Knowledge aims:

    (1) Students can master meanings and usage of the words of .the school things.

    (2) Students will master key sentence patterns for example “Is this/ that...”, “Are these/ those...”

    (3) Students can acquire some writing strategies and skills such as logical thinking and collecting information.

    Ability aims:

    (1) Students can apply the writing strategies and skills in the real writing tasks.

    (2) Students can use the given materials and target languages to write some simple lost and found notices.

    Emotional aims:

    (1) Students can develop the good habit of not picking up money and not being greedy for petty gains.

    (2) Through group work, students can talk freely with each other and their cooperation spirit can be enhanced.

    Key points and difficult points:

    Key point:

    Through the real situation and group work, students can have a great grasp about how to write a lot and found notice.

    Difficult points:

    (1) Students can obtain the ability of innovation and collecting writing materials.

    (2) Students can cultivate the good habit and cooperate with their classmates actively.

    Teaching procedures:

    Step 1 Warming-up

    1. Daily greeting.

    2. Ask students whether they have ever lost or pick up something. Invite several students to share their experiences. Then ask them how they deal with it and lead to today’s topic.


    Step 2 Pre-writing

    1. Set a real situation: pick up a paper money of one hundred yuan and a set of keys on the floor and ask some students with the key sentence “Is this yours?” and “Are these yours?” and write them on the blackboard.

    2. Divide students into groups of 4 and encourage students to brainstorm in order to find the owner of the paper money. The teacher can give some hints by using some teaching aids about how to find the owner. At last, the teacher can add that “If the paper money is yours, please call at 131****1230.”

    3. Ask students to finish the task on 3a and fill in the blanks with the given words. Then invite some students to give the answers. After that, some students will be asked to find out the similarities between the two lost and found notices and invited to share in front. Then the teacher can give some positive feedback. The main structure can be shown on the blackboard.


    Step 3 While-writing

    The teacher gives out the topic on 3b and the writing rules. 15minutes will be provided for them. At the same time, remind them to pay attention to the spellings, grammars, punctuations and logic. If they need any help, they can raise their hands up.


    Step 4 Post-writing

    Students need to exchange their writings with their deskmates and check for each other. Then ask them to correct the mistakes by themselves. Then 2 students will be chosen to present in front of the class. During this activity, the teacher can provide some positive evaluations and suggestions so that their composition can be written better.


    Step5 Summary and Homework

    1. Summary

    Invite some students to review what they’ve learned in this class, and make a summary together.


    2. Homework

    Help the teacher find the owners of the things that are kept in the lost and found box and write some lost and notices for them.


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