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    英語聽說課How can we become good learners

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    人教9年級U1 How can we become good learners Section A 2a-2c


    請根據人民教育出版社義務教育教科書中學英語九年級下冊Unit 1 How can we become learners Section A 2a-2c的教學內容,設計一篇完整教案。


    Teaching aims:

    Knowledge aims:

    (1) Students will master the new words such as conversation, aloud, pronunciation, etc.

    (2). Students will be familiar with the topic about how to learn.

    Ability aim:

    Students can fluently express their opinions about how to learn.

    Emotional aims:


    Through group work, students can know each other better and their cooperation spirits can be strengthened.

    Key points and difficult points:

    Key point:

    Students can master the target languages of talking about how to study.

    Difficult points:

    How to fluently express their opinions about how to learn.

    How to develop confidence and interest in learning English.

    Teaching procedures:

    Step 1 Warming-up

    1. Daily greeting.

    2. Ask students, “How do you like English?” Invite several students to answer. Then ask them how they can learn it well.


    Step 2 Pre-listening

    1. Explain new words “conversation, aloud, pronunciation, etc” to students by teaching aids.

    2. Encourage students to brainstorm for some study ways of learning English. The teacher can give some hints by using some teaching aids or even Chinese.

    3. Tell students they will listen to a conversation and let them guess the content of it according to the picture on the book.


    Step 3 While-listening

    1. Ask students to listen to the tape for the first time and finish the task in 2a: Click the questions in the table that they heard in the conversation. Then check the answer.

    2. Ask students to listen to the tape again and finish the task in 2b: Match each answer below with a question above. Then check the answer.

    3. Ask students to read after the tape loudly and pay attention to their pronunciation and intonation.


    Step 4 Post-listening

    Students will be asked to do a role-play about the material in 2d in groups of 2. One of them acts as Jack and the other one as Annie. 7 minutes will be given to them, and then 2 groups will be chosen from each group to present their performance in front of the class. During this activity, if students have difficulty in presenting, teacher can give a hand in time to encourage them to continue.


    Step5 Summary and Homework

    1. Summary

    Ask some students to review what they’ve learned in this class, and make a summary together.


    2. Homework

    Try to make a plan for further study, and share what they have learned with their parents.


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