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    特崗教師面試|英語試講教案:Unit 6. When was it invented?

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    Teaching aims:

    1. Knowledge aims:

    (1) Master the usage of some new words and sentence pattern, and understand the usages of passive voice in past tense;

    (2) Talk about the history of some inventions in English;

    2. Ability aims:

    (1) Can use some simple expressions to communicate in English class;

    (2) Can describe one thing simply under the help of teacher or with some teaching aids;

    (3) Can do the self-checking during speaking.

    3. Emotional aims:

    (1) Learn about the history of inventions, and foster the interest in the science;

    (2) Can improve the confidence of learning English, and not afraid of speaking English;

    (3) Can ask advices of others actively and overcome the difficulties bravely.

    Key points and difficult points:

    Key point: The structure of passive voice in past tense “was / were + v. pp. ”

    Difficult point: important words and expressions

    Teaching aids: a tape recorder, multimedia, pictures

    Teaching methods: The teaching methods will be used in this class include following three methods: Communicative Approach, Task-based Teaching Method, Audio-Lingual Approach.

    Teaching procedures:

    Step 1 Lead-in

    I will ask students a question:

    Who knows what the greatest four inventions are in ancient China? (powder, printing, compass, papermaking technology)

    Then introduce some background knowledge of these four inventions and tell students the topic of lesson today is about inventions.


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